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"Led by Jim Finn, the argent artisan behind the drums with a gravel pit voice and the fantastic guitarist Paul Surany on a beautiful sounding Strat with Mike Bellamy on bass, this is the Finn Rhythm & Blues Band.

Three great musicians who no doubt can remember clockwork watches, metal dustbins and real chewing gum, these guys really know their stuff. They play a welcome but rare brand of danceable, rhythm and blues, funky soul – rock.

Finn’s music is classic R&B as you knew it in the 50s and 60s but includes many originals. Their repertoire includes such favourites as Big Joe Turner (and later Bill Haley & The Comets)’s “Shake Rattle and Roll“, Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky“, Deep Purple’s “Black Night“, Golden Earring’s “Radar Love“, Rufus Thomas’ “Walkin’ The Dog“, Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here“, The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black“, Jimi Hendrix’ “Stone Free“, Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music” and as an encore, Credence Clearwater Revival’s great swamp song, “Who’ll Stop The Rain ?“."
Review by Michael.P.Sheehan

From the rough and tumble streets of Sydney, Australia, Finn have been performing their lovingly crafted original songs and choice classics to delighted audiences both at home & abroad since 1999.
Finn’s original songs combine a lively sense of fun with razor sharp wit and deliver timely observations on such topics as the state of the world, the personal dynamic and the modern urban condition.
Their single "Live in Fear" was picked up for rotation on national television by ABC's "Rage" and Finn’s sixth album, “Bomb The World With Kindness” reached Number 4 on the Australian Rhythm and Blues charts, and stayed in the charts for an incredible 5 months in 2012.
They released their seventh album “Three to Go” in August 2014.
Audiences in USA, UK, Germany, Holland and Ireland have all been dazzled by Finn's finely honed, road tested live show and Finn were the Sydney Blues Society "Performer of the Year" for 2005, competing in Memphis in the International Blues Challenge.
Travelling far and wide to perform at local and international music festivals; Perth, Bridgetown, Goulbourn and Broadbeach, in 2014 Finn featured at the Cork Roots Festival and the Blackstairs Blues Festival in Ireland.
A live Finn gig is a dazzling blend of familiar classics and soon-to-be familiar original compositions in a crisp, road-hardened show of slick musicianship and pure entertainment. From intimate jazz bars through to raucous pubs right up to major festivals, Finn have been delighting audiences for years and show no signs of stopping.
Finn has had successful tours in SE Old. south-western NSW and Thredbo, the Bridgetown Blues festival in W.A, and as support to Lynwood Slim at the Perth Blues Club and have performed at Bimbadgen Blues Festival, The Australian Blues Festival in Goulburn 3 times, Broadbeach blues Festival, Woodstock Festival plus South West Sydney Blues festival.
Crane Lane Roots festival Cork Ireland and Blackstairs festival in Enniscorthy Ire.

testFinn is a musical outfit from a near extinct walk of life, Heralded as the last of the travelling minstrels, They are a rhythm and blues band, who play the music of their generation and are still writing it, Finn are some of the last of their kind.

Three individuals plucked from a generation where being a musician had nothing to do with auto tune, reality TV shows or even choreographed dance moves. 30 years ago, when the band had a Commer van for the gear, with a crank handle to start it, Finn were touring. 20 years ago when MTV grabbed the music industry by the scruff of the neck and shook it, Finn were touring. And this year, (still in a van this time a Tarago), Finn are still on tour.
With their 8th album due to be released, Finn continues to deliver their trade to pubs and clubs in every town throughout Australia, large or small. They have performed at almost every major blues festival in Australia and are constantly touring the country. 10 years ago dragging a trailer and a Ford round the country Finn were touring.

Jim Finn Lead vocals and drums.
Jim is truly the last of the 'Aussie highwaymen, he is on the road 50 weeks of the year, travelling all round the world plying his trade, he began playing drums at age 5, first professional gig at 11.
Has been leading his own band 'Finn', singing, writing, playing drums and producing 7 studio cd's and has taken the band to the US, playing in Memphis and San Francisco as well as Europe 4 times.
Performed with: - Phyllis Diller, Mick Taylor, Lucky Peterson, Charles and Cyril Nevil (Neville Bro), Robert Susz (Dynamic Hepnotics), Chris Turner, Dave Tice and Pete Wells (Buffalo, Rose Tattoo) whilst in Sydney.
Has recorded with Wendy Saddington, Kate Dunbar, Jeannie Lewis, Margaret Roadknight, Sally King, John Power, Don Hopkins, Dennis Aubrey, Al Britton and Mike Gubb, to name a few, performed at most major Australian Blues festivals, Cork Roots festival and the
Blackstairs Blues festival
in Ireland. Jim's also produced over 16 albums music with his company 'front room records'